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     Nanaimo Studio

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    Project Portfolio

    Mobile Applications and Websites
    1) Word Tracer - Learn Chinese
    Description: Featured in App Store's iPad commercial "Everything changes with iPad" and selected as one of Apple's Staff Favorite iPad apps, Word Tracer is an amazingly innovative way to learn to write Chinese characters.

    Word Tracer app for Learning Chinese

    Word Tracer - Learn Chinese - Nanaimo Studio

    Word Tracer - Learn Chinese was featured in Apple's Everything changes with iPad promotion ad. See the commercial here.

    2) iHeartRadio for Auto
    Description: Participated in the development of multiple releases iHeartRadio for Auto.

    iHeartRadio for Auto

    3) iHeartRadio for iPad
    Description: Participated in the development of iHeartRadio for iPad.

    iHeartRadio for Auto

    4) Makespace - Your Closet in the Cloud
    Description: We created the iOS app for an NYC startup the offers storage solution in the cloud. Check out for more info.

    Dare Devil Dee - Nanaimo Studio

    5) Discovery Go - iOS
    Description: Participated in the development of multiple releases of Discovery Channel's mobile apps for Discovery, TLC, Velocity, Destination America, Discovery Life, Investigation Discovery, Velocity for iPhone/iPhone and Android.


    6) YMMD (You Made My Day) - Birthday Calendar + Reminder
    Description: Never miss sending your friend's greeting on that special day again.

    Dare Devil Dee - Nanaimo Studio

    7) Dare Devil Dee
    Description: Dee, I dare you!

    Dare Devil Dee
    Dare Devil Dee - Nanaimo Studio

    8) Space Finder - a word puzzle game
    Description: Find the spaces in the words to reveal its true wisdom.

    Space Finder
    Space Finder - Nanaimo Studio

    9) Alien Garden (Coming Soon)
    Description: Our upcoming iPhone game. Get ready for an exhilarating ride!

    Alien Garden

    7) Hungry Monster
    Description: What's for dinner tonight? Drawn by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Steve Breen, this delightfully simple app will appeal to kids of all ages.

    Hungry Monster
    Idea Organizer - Nanaimo Studio

    10) Idea Organizer
    Description: A simple and yet powerful app for you to organize your ideas and associate photos and voice memos with it. Featured in AppStore's "What's Hot" list.

    Idea Organizer
    Idea Organizer - Nanaimo Studio
    11) Are We Same?
    Description: How good are you at discerning faces?

    Are We Same Facebook app

    12) Pickayoo - an avatar creator
    Description: You can be anyone you want to be.

    Avatar Creator
    Pickayoo - Nanaimo Studio

    Facebook version of Pickayoo:

    13) Instaspire (Coming soon)
    Description: Be inspired.


    14) Tommy Hilfiger apps
    Description: Developed nine highly configurable kiosk apps for New York-based fashion studio SwellNY.

    Tommy Hilfiger

    17) MayTag's BravosX iPad Prototype
    Description: Developed iPad prototypes to help promote Maytag’s new BravosX washer campaign.

    MayTag BravosX

    15) Coca Cola's Arctic Home
    Description: Participated in the development and optimization of one of Coca Cola's largest digital campaign Arctic Home.

    Coca Cola's Arctic Home


    We are the designated technical reviewer for Apress's Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development and Learn cocos2d Game Development with iOS 5.

    Apress Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development

    1) Cyberverse Transformers Battle Builder
    Description: You control the world and command the battle. Who will win -- the AUTOBOTS or the DECEPTICONS?

    Cyberverse Transformers Battle Builder

    2) Yin Yang Yo
    Description: A shooting game for a TV show.

    3) GIJoe
    Description: A side-scroller game for Hasbro's toy GIJoe.

    4) Spiderwick Chronicles - Mansion Siege
    Description: A game for the movie Spiderwick Chronicles.

    5) Xevoz Challenge
    Description: A side-scroller game for Xevoz Challenge


    6) Indiana Jones
    Description: FX Whip Adventure!


    8) Hasbro Risk
    Description: Created three games for the new Risk board game website.  Website awarded FWA.

    Description: Created skinnable trivia game framework that allows games to dynamically get questions stored in the backend and be published for different branding purposes.

    Description: Built 13 micro games for Hasbro Operation board game.

    11) Calvacade Localization
    Description: Built prototype and provided recommendation for addressing localization issues (such as loading foreign character fonts dynamically, reducing font set size, etc.)

    Demo & Apps

    Description: A demo showcasing Window Desktop Search.

    13) Wikinvest
    Description: Annotated stock chart and minichart (version 1).

    Wikiinvest annotated stock chart and minichart

    14) CSAN Insightful
    Description: An ASP.NET 2.0 website that allows users to upload their statistical packages with others.

    CSCAN Insightful

    15) T-Mobile G1 Kiosk App
    Description: A standalone Flash application that allows the users to explore the new T-Mobile G1 Phone in a 3D interactive environment.

    16) Family Tree Builder
    Description: A Flex application that allows the users to create their family tree, edit relationship, upload photos in a richly visual and interactive environment.

    17) PlayNetwork Streaming Music Player
    Description: A highly configurable streaming music player that allows PlayNetwork to quickly deploy to its clients.

    18) Concept prototypes for EA, Nike, Microsoft,
    Description: Built concept prototypes for various companies to illustrate their concepts and ideas in execution.
    Link: Not available - for internal viewing only.

    19) Microsites for Philip Morris's Products
    Description: Developed (April 2010 Release) and (June 2010 Release) for Philip Morris.
    NOTE: Screenshots not available as sites can only be viewed with registrations.

    Description: Helped developed the Heritage and Awards sections of the site and created automated tools to process site data.

    Leo Burnett Heritage and Awards

    21) iPhone/iPad prototypes for companies
    Description: Developed iPhone/iPad apps and prototypes for companies such as Whirlpool and Corum Group.
    Description: Developed several multiplayer social games for game studio SocialTitans.