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    Idea Organizer (ver 1.1)


    ***** Featured in What's Hot List on Oct 20, 2009 *****

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    Idea Organizer is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you record your ideas, reminders and notes in whatever form suits you the most - text, photo, voice memo, or a combination of the above.

    Regardless of whether you are trying to safe-keep your clever ideas, gift reminders, school or meeting notes, Idea Organizer's beautiful and well thought out interface let you record them effortlessly.


    • Ability to quickly log a new idea by entering text.
    • Ability to log a new idea by taking picture with your phone's camera (iPhone only) or selecting existing photo from your album (iPhone and iPod Touch).
    • Ability to log a new idea by recording voice memo (iPhone and 2nd Generation iPod Touch)
    • One-click access to the most recent idea you entered.
    • Ability to reorder your ideas.
    • Ability to edit idea text.
    • Link and unlink unlimited number of recorded voice memos with your existing ideas.
    • Link and unlink up to six photos with any of your ideas.
    • Ability to share your recorded text, photo and voice memo via email to anyone without leaving the app.
    • Ability to perform full-text search on ideas using search bar.
    • Idea details supports hyperlink and phone number detection.
    • Automatically saves text notes currently being edited when app is interrupted (e.g. when SMS or phone call comes in)
    • Landscape mode keyboard.
    • Unlimited recording time.
    • Ability to delete all ideas and start over.

    *Idea Organizer has been localized to 12 languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese and Korean.

    VOICE MEMO FEATURES (iPhone and 2nd Generation iPod Touch)
    • Ability to label your recorded voice memo.
    • Supports earplug and microphone.
    • Ability to delete voice memo you no longer need.
    • Ability to pause and continue during recording or playback.


    Idea Organizer - Nanaimo Studio

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